Meanwhile, in the Gun-Free Paradise of London, Terrorists are Beheading Soldiers in the Street

May 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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Multiple UK news outlets are reporting that a violent attack on a British solider in London could have been a terrorist attack.

Two men, armed with a machete and meat clever attacked a British solider on the street, in broad daylight in London, then beheaded the victim, drug his body to the center of the road and left him there. When police responded the two killers tried to attack them and were shot by armed responders.

According to the International Business Times, it was a disturbing scene. One eye witness report:

“These two guys were crazy, they were just animals,” he said.

“Then we saw two big butcher’s knives – they were hacking at this poor guy. They were just chopping and hacking.

“My partner got out of the car and shouted ‘stop, stop’. One of the black guys went into the car and into a bag and pointed a gun at us. He shouted at us: ‘Get in the car, get in the car.’

A fellow witness was returning home from visiting family nearby. Graham Wilders told the BBC: “I thought they were tyring to resuscitate him. But they were attacking him. Suddenly a load of schoolchildren turned up and I shouted at the teachers: ‘Get those children inside!’

“One of the guys with the handgun was dressed all in black and with a bobble hat on. He was way over 6ft tall. He was waving [the gun] about. Then they charged at the police with machetes and guns. I don’t think they cared.

“We got the phone and called 999 and said you’ve got to get armed response here.”

James told of what happened during the time between the end of the attack and when police arrived

“They dragged the poor guy – he was obviously dead, there was no way a human could take what they did to him. They dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road and left his body there.

“They were standing there waving the gun about. Soon as the police arrived, the tall guy charged at the police and the other guy shot at the police.

This is what an unarmed populace can expect. You are at the mercy of thugs, gangs and terrorists who no longer need guns in order to terrorize unarmed citizens. Common kitchen knives and blunt instruments will become the weapons of choice for the criminals.

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