Thousands of Gun Rights Supporters Show Up For Massive Pro-Gun Rally in Connecticut

April 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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A year after Connecticut’s state legislature passed one of the worst sets of gun control laws in the country, gun control proponents showed up en masse at a pro-gun rally held in Hartford, CT.

According to The Courant,

Almost a year to the day after the state legislature passed a historic and far-reaching gun control law, thousands of opponents of the law gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday to remind legislators that they aren’t going anywhere.

The rally, organized by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, drew supporters from all over the state and from other states to the Capitol lawn on Saturday, two days after Gov. Dannel P. Malloy commemorated the passage of SB 1160, which expanded the state’s existing ban on assault weapons.

“We’re the Constitution State and they passed a law that was completely unconstitutional,” CCDL vice president Lenny Benedetto said.

Gun owners from across the country reportedly showed up the rally to show support for their fellow gun owners.

Most notably, the state of CT instituted on a gun registry for so called “assault weapons”. Although tens of thousands of firearms and standard capacity magazines have been registered in the state, it is thought that tens of thousands of residents have not complied with the new law, leaving many wondering what the lawmakers’ next move is.

The exact number of people who attended the rally is unknown, but NBC Connecticut said the number was in the thousands.

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