Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords Husband and New Anti Gun Spokesman, Caught Buying AR15

March 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to, Gabby Giffords husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, bought an AR15, several standard capacity (30 round) magazines and a 1911 style pistol just days after starting a nationwide campaign to ban the same gun!

After the media got wind of the purchase, Kelly posted the following on his Facebook page:

Looks like the judiciary committee will vote on background checks next week. I just had a background check a few days ago when I went to my local gun store to buy a 45. As I was leaving, I noticed a used AR-15. Bought that too. Even to buy an assault weapon, the background check only takes a matter of minutes. I don’t have possession yet but I’ll be turning it over to the Tucson PD when I do. Scary to think of people buying guns like these without a background check at a gun show or the Internet. We really need to close the gun show and private seller loop hole.

So, what, he just bought it so some other legal gun owner couldn’t? Right. If that’s true why did he allegedly also purchase magazines for the weapon? To get those off the street as well?

According to, in February, Kelly told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that lawmakers need to address “assault weapons.” He said the purpose of an “assault weapon” is “to kill a lot of people very quickly,” and he lamented that such products were “too readily available.”

For the record, even though the 1911, .45acp handgun Kelly bought only holds 8-9 rounds (normally, higher capacity magazines are available), the gun can be reloaded extremely quickly and is a favorite among competition shooters for its ability to send rounds downrange quickly and accurately.

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