Marine Corps Will Study Competition AR-15 Market For Improvements to M16/M4 Platform

February 17 2015
by GSL Staff
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It’s no secret that advancements in the civilian gun market move much faster than advancements in the military market.

However, it’s looking like the USMC is looking to the civilian gun world to look for possible ways to improve the M16 line of rifles they currently use.

According to The Marine Corps Times:

Most eagerly anticipated are recommendations to study overhauling M16A4 rifles and M4 carbines with a host of new features, including a new trigger and barrel, all of which will be a hot topic at the next Combat Marksmanship Symposium in October.

The lines of pursuit — the product of the this year’s Combat Marksmanship Symposium held here in Quantico — hold a common theme, according to leaders at Weapons Training Battalion Quantico. They are designed to make Marines deadlier in combat and provide them the tools and training to dominate the battlefield whether in the sands of the Middle East or the jungles of the Asia Pacific region…

… Current M16A4 rifles and M4 carbines could get a significant overhaul with mostly inexpensive components already available to consumers. The upgrades would drastically improve accuracy and function without incurring the expense of procuring an new rifle.

Those updates could include a free-floating barrel, rifle compensators, new reticles for the Rifle Combat Optic, more ambidextrous controls and a new trigger group. With significant advancements in rifle technology for the civilian shooting market over the past two decades, those are all features commonly seen on competition rifles and those carried by elite operators.

Is this a logical next step for the M16/M4 platform? Or should the USMC leave the proven rifle alone?

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