Man Who Shot & Killed 2 of 3 Teens Beating Him With Baseball Bat is Being Held in Jail

March 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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baseball batEither a key part of this story hasn’t yet been revealed or the police in Milwaukee are being seriously overzealous.

According to local media reports, a maintenance worker at an apartment complex became involved in an argument with three individuals at the apartment complex where he worked around 1pm on Wednesday.

During the argument, one of the three individuals held the maintenance worker down while at least one of the other individuals beat him with a baseball bat.

During the attack, the worker drew a firearm, opened fire, and killed two of the individuals in question.

The worker’s injuries were severe enough that he required treatment at an area hospital. Once he was released he was arrested on suspicion of committing two counts of first-degree intentional homicide.

The third individual involved in the attack was also arrested for battery.

Neither person has been charged in court yet and prosecutors are reviewing the case this week.

I guess we’ll hold off on categorizing this one as a defensive gun use until we get some more details, but based on the facts currently available i don’t see how the maintenance worker could possibly face charges.

Source: Journal Sentinel Online

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