Man Loses Several Fingers When His Black Powder Rifle Explodes – Smokeless Powder vs Black Powder

December 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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There is an important difference between black powder and smokeless powder.

Smokeless powder, which is used in modern ammunition should never be used in black powder rifles and here is an excellent example of why.

The Indiana DNR posted the above photo to Facebook with the following comment:

Corporal Eric Doane worked a firearm accident last night in Martin County that resulted in the shooter losing a couple fingers. This is what can happen when you shoot smokeless powder out of a muzzleloader designed for black powder.

Smokeless powder produces much higher pressures than the same amount of black powder. Using the more modern powder in muzzle loading guns designed for black powder can basically turn the gun into an explosive device.

This issue is now covered in many hunter’s education courses in order to prevent just such an accident from occurring.

The shooter’s medical condition, other than “losing a couple fingers” is currently unknown.

Be careful out there.

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