Los Angeles School Locked Down, Raided by SWAT Officers – Because Some Kid Had a Microphone

May 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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Micro_sur_percheBetter safe than sorry or over the top reaction?

According to a CBS report, A private school in California was locked down for three hours and over 50 officers, some clad in SWAT gear and carrying rifles, performed a room by room search of the building.

“There was a report that a male, white, about 18 years old, was seen approaching the school in the parking lot area with some type of object in his hand, possibly a rifle or shotgun. He was dressed in black pants, black top,” LAPD Capt. Hearn said.

The “object” in question turned out to be either a tripod or boom microphone (reports are conflicting), but it certainly wasn’t even close to a gun. Many schools have similar audio equipment on hand for film and audio courses.

The school in question was Chaminade College Preparatory High School. No word yet on who made the call or if they think every black object is actually a firearm.

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