LA Sheriff’s Deputy Fires Warning Shot at Kids Playing “Ding Dong Ditch,” Is Then Arrested

May 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stock Glock 45Some people of the anti-gun persuasion like to think that law enforcement officers are the only people who should have firearms, because normal citizens can’t be trusted with the responsibility of owning and carrying firearms.

Well, in this case a LACS Deputy probably didn’t exercise the best judgement in the use of his firearm.

Deputy Sung Jin Pak, aged 47, was the target of some teenage pranksters who were playing a game of “ding dong ditch.” You know, you ring a doorbell then run away. Pretty annoying, but all in all pretty harmless stuff.

Well, Pak had apparently had enough of the game and decided to put an end to it – by firing his gun into the air as a warning to any future pranksters.

According to,

The alleged confrontation between Pak and pranksters happened about 8 p.m. Oct. 12.

“Apparently, juveniles were playing a prank called ding-dong-ditch, where they ring the doorbell and run away,” then-LASD spokesman Steve Whitmore said, noting there were reportedly 15 to 20 kids involved.

When they pulled their prank on Pak’s home, he “ran after the juveniles trying to identify them,” Whitmore said. “Apparently, three of the kids were physically larger than the others and turned toward Pak in a threatening manner,

“The deputy identified himself as a sheriff’s deputy and fired a warning shot in the air,” Whitmore said.

Pak is due in court to face charges related to the incident in July. He has been on paid leave since the incident occurred.

Bad form sir, bad form.

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