Judge Rules Trayvon Martin’s Drug Use and History of Violence Not Currently Admissible in Court

May 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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George Zimmerman’s defense team last week publicly released the contents of Trayvon Martin’s cell phone. On the phone they found text messages and images relating to street fighting, drug use, illegal gun ownership and problems at school/home.

ap_george_zimmerman_kb_121204_wblogIn a recent ruling the judge for the case, Debra Nelson, said that evidence will not be initially admissible. Zimmerman’s defense team hopes to introduce the evidence to show that Martin had a predisposition to engage in fighting and violent behavior and possibly show him as the aggressor.

According to CBS News,

Nelson ruled Tuesday that George Zimmerman’s defense may not bring up Trayvon Martin’s past marijuana use, school suspensions or fighting at trial without another ruling granting them permission

This likely means that Nelson would only allow information about Martin’s past if the prosecution brings up Zimmerman’s past first.

Also recently released were higher resolution, color photos of George Zimmerman’s injuries, showing more physical damage than initial black and white photos initially released.

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