Journalist Dana Loesch Calls Out Anti-Gun Writer for “Glamour” on Twitter

May 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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SONY DSCI’ve never really thought of Glamour as having particularly high journalistic standards, and when you use websites such as Mother Jones, Slate, and The Brady Campaign as your source material for an article you tell you seriously don’t care about getting the real story.

Such is the case with a recent Glamour piece entitled, “Gun Extremists Are Stalking, Threatening, and Spitting on Pro-Gun-Control Women“. The piece paints female members of groups such as Moms Demand Action as being the targets of vile attacks from pro-gunners.

Journalist Dana Loesch, who is admittedly pro-gun, asked the author of the piece, Tanya Edwards a simple question about her vetting and research process for the article on Twitter. Here’s how that simple question played out.

Dana brought up this question, because during her own research, Loesch found little to no evidence of this alleged harassment of women. See this post and this post by Loesch for more details.

Now, we should probably point out that Mrs. Loesch is a journalist who has contributed to such news organizations such as CNN, Fox News, Breitbart, The Blaze and others in her career. Ms. Edwards is a writer for Glamour whose other pieces include “Women Chefs Grab Top Awards at James Beard, and I’m Hungry Just Reading About It,” “Your Birth Order Might Mean More for Your Career Than You Think,” and “Kirsten Dunst Seems Confused About Sexual Harassment, as Do a Lot of Other People, It Turns Out.” I would say we’re not talking about people who are in the same ballpark, but let’s be honest, they aren’t even playing the same sport.

Like Dana, I’ll go ahead and say that I condemn any and all harassment of these women even though I disagree with everything they are doing politically. If these allegations are true, they are horrible and the assailants in these cases should be dealt with. If you threaten a woman, ANY woman, with physical violence or harassment you’re not a man in my book.

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