Jim Carrey Releases Music Video Mocks Gun Owners, Deceased Charlton Heston

March 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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…really Jim Carrey?

So he gets his first two movie deals in years and apparently Jim Carrey thinks he’s relevant again.

People are certainly entitled to their own opinion, but mocking nearly 1/3 of the population and specifically a deceased fellow actor fall into the absolutely classless area in my opinion.

I’ve known Carrey was anti gun for a while now based on his public comments, and I was debating whether that would keep me from seeing the The Incredible Burt Wonderstone but this video clearly sealed the deal for me.

In this video the Canadian Carrey takes multiple potshots at a deceased Charlton Heston and mocks the size of gun owner’s genitalia.

You keep it classy Jim Carrey.

We know you won’t.

The video is embedded below and debuted on the video website Funny or Die yesterday.

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