Jim Carrey Publishes Editorial on Huff Post, Apologizes for Language, Then Calls for More Gun Control

April 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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Canadian born actor Jim Carrey sent gun owners and Charlton Heston fans into a fervor last month when he released, what we consider to be, a classless video mocking the late actor Charlton Heston and gun owners.

The video created a strong backlash in the Second Amendment community, with some calling for boycotts of the actors recent movies (maybe it was just a coincidence that his recent movie, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, tanked at the box office over the last 2 weekends).

The actor also launched into a tirade on Twitter, calling all gun owners, “motherf**kers” (censored, for those offended by language).

Now, Carrey has released an editorial on the Huffington Post.

Here are the highlights:

I have been aghast at the level of hatred heaped upon me, my family and the people I work with over a mere difference of opinion on this issue. Perhaps my words were a bit harsh at the onset, but calling someone a “Motherf**ker” [censored] is far different than wishing them to die. It is shocking to see this concerted effort to brutally intimidate anyone who speaks of a compassionate compromise.

These thugs, though menacing, are a minority but they will have their way if good people don’t step forward now and make a difference. Every American has the right to speak their mind. Every American has the right to bear arms. But it is up to every American to draw the line when it comes to the type of guns that are considered a reasonable means of self-defense.

We were also one of the first to point out the fact that Carrey has an armed bodyguard, which he responded to in his editorial as well,

For those who say I’m a hypocrite because I have an armed bodyguard, lets make one thing clear: No one in my employ is allowed to carry a large magazine

I bet he carries several of those 10 round magazines though…

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