Inside the Mind of a Liberal Anti Gunner – Step by Step, Long Term Plan to Ban ALL Guns

January 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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If there are still any gun owners out there that are thinking about compromising your rights in order to appease the anti gunners then you might want to read this piece written by a liberal gun grabber.

It describes a long term (think years or decades) plan for banning all guns.

It starts with eliminating private sales. Without private sales almost all guns can be pretty well traced from the manufacturer to the owner. Banning private sales (notice I’m saying private, if you bring a dealer or government entity into this it is no longer a private sale) is the same thing as the “universal background checks” we keep hearing about, that according to the mainstream media has a lot of support (although according to an internal poll at the NRA, only 5% of members are in favor of them).

Once they stop guns from legally changing hands in private transactions that’s where registration comes into play.

Once you know where all of the guns are, just wait for the next mass shooting or other disaster that happens when the legislative makeup of Congress is favorable to gun control and pass some legislation to start confiscating weapons.

Here are some of the key quotes from the article.

The very first thing we need is national registry. We need to know where the guns are, and who has them. Canada has a national firearms registry. We need to copy their model. We need a law demanding all firearms be registered to a national database. We need to know who has them and where they are. We need to make this as easy as possible for gun owners. The federal government provides the money and technical expertise, and the State police carry it out. … I think about 6 months should be enough time.

…So registration is the first step. Now that the vast majority are registered, we can do what we will. One good first step would be to close the registry to new registrations. This would, in effect, prevent new guns from being made or imported. This would put the murder machine corporations out of business for good, and cut the money supply to the NRA/GOA. As money dries up, the political capital needed for new controls will be greatly reduced.

…We must make guns expensive and unpopular, just like cigarettes. A nationwide, antigun campaign paid for by a per gun yearly tax paid by owners, dealers, and manufacturers would work well in this regard. We should also segway into an anti-hunting campaign, like those in the UK. By making hunting expensive and unpopular, we can make the transition to a gun free society much less of a headache for us.

…this is the only way we can be truly safe. I don’t want my kids being shot at by a deranged NRA member. I’m sure you don’t either. So lets stop looking for short term solutions and start looking long term…

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