Indiana Town Considers Strongly Regulating Air Guns, Including Airsoft Guns

May 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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The town of Columbus, IN is considering a new local ordinance which would place airguns and realistic looking toys on a similar level of regulation to the real thing.

According to a report on, the chief of police is ever concerned about his officers having to make split second decisions on whether someone is wielding a real firearm or a toy.

According to,

“It’s creating a serious public safety issue in our city,” [Police Chief] Maddix says. “We’re responding to numerous calls of these. And it’s just a tragedy waiting to happen and we’d like to prevent that tragedy before it occurs.”

Officials are looking into adding age restrictions for displaying, brandishing and firing air and toy guns in public. Sounds like a ban to be since I don’t know too many adults who walk around playing with toy guns.

Thoughts? Legitimate public safety concerns or more overreaction to anything related to guns?

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