Hunting Photo Causes Belgian Teen to Lose Modeling Contract

July 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Anti hunting hysteria is reaching all time highs in recent weeks. A Belgian teen who was discovered through photos of her cheering on her team at the World Cup went viral has lost a modeling contract after photos of her hunting surfaced.

Axelle Despiegelaere posted the above photo to her Facebook page before the US-Belgium game with the caption,

Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that..this was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt americans today haha.

The quote was referencing the US-Belgium World Cup game being played that day.

Shortly thereafter, L’Oreal, who had offered the teen a modeling contract, cut its ties with her. According to Fox Sports,

L’Oreal’s spokesperson told the Independent that the company was aware of Despiegelaere’s social media photograph, but would not comment as to whether that was the reason why her contract was terminated.

The company also stressed that L’Oreal “no longer tests on animals, anywhere in the world, and does not delegate this task to others.”

This is the second case in recent weeks of a young lady facing criticism over hunting photos. Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones has received death threats as well as severe social media backlash over photos of her hunts in Africa were posted on her Facebook page. However, the attention seems to have backfired for anti-hunters as Jones has recently surpassed 500,000 followers on Facebook and has landed a contract for a new hunting television show.

James Hetfield of the band Metallica recently faced mounting criticism over photos of him bear hunting. Television host and comedian Joe Rogan faced similar criticism over a bear hunt.

I’m sure all of these people who are outraged over legal, ethical hunting are surely vegans, right? Right?

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