Progressive Blogger Threatens Conservative Host Dana Loesch With Sexual Assault on Twitter

August 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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dl_twitterDana Loesch, conservative commentator and friend to the Second Amendment, illustrated a great reason women really should carry firearms on Twitter tonight – protection from liberal, anti-gun commentators who threaten sexual assault online.

During the course of a political discussion on Twitter (which admittedly can get pretty heated), Loesch was greeted by this oh so lovely and oh so classy tweet.

So…yeah… that happened.

Like most classy conservative ladies, Loesch wasn’t one to be kicked around and she fired back with this little guy.


So who is this guy? Oh, you know, just a Huffington Post contributor. Check out his article archive here: He’s likely an unpaid, political contributor, but his writings are willingly hosted at the site as of right now.

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