Huffington Post Writer, UCLA Law Professor Blames Ferguson Violence on Number of Guns in US

August 22 2014
by GSL Staff
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A reporter at the Huffington Post (the same publication that the guy who thought earplugs were rubber bullets comes from) is blaming the entire Ferguson, Missouri situation on the fact that there are a lot of legally owned guns in the United States.

Let’s look at a small excerpt of the comments made by Adam Winkler, who is, by the way, a professor of law at UCLA.

The problems of racial harassment and police militarization are exacerbated by the fact that America has a heavily-armed civilian population. While there are no official totals, there are an estimated 320 million guns in the United States, approximately one per person.

It is often said that America has a gun culture, one that some celebrate and others bemoan. Whatever one’s personal views about guns, there is no denying their presence in every American city, from Philadelphia to Ferguson. Nor should we fail to recognize the profound impact this has on law enforcement.

Because there are so many guns out there, police officers are trained to live in fear of the very people they are supposed to protect and serve. Anytime a police officer pulls over a car, he or she must worry that the person inside that car will have a gun that could be turned on them.

At training academies throughout the nation, new recruits are taught that cop-killers need two things: a will to kill and an opportunity to act. There’s little an officer can do about will; anyone can have it without anyone else knowing. Officers can, however, limit the opportunities for a cop-killer to act by being prepared and quick to defend themselves.

So basically, it sounds like Winkler is blaming the hundreds of millions of legal guns, that are NEVER used in a crime, for the fact that the entire Ferguson situation happened in the first place.

Let’s forget the fact that we’re still waiting on the facts in the Michael Brown shooting and it’s looking more and more like this might have been a legal shoot by a police officer legitimately in fear for his life (or maybe not, I’ll wait on the facts to make a final call) and focus on the fact that this was an isolated incident. Every single day law enforcement officers interact with hundreds of thousands law abiding gun carriers with no ill effects. In fact, according to recent numbers, officers who deal with legal open carriers are four times safer than officers engaging in other aspects of police work.

This is just another obvious attempt to blame legal gun owners for the [possibly] illegal actions of another person.

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