Homemade 12 Gauge Revolver? Apparently the Weapon of Choice for Brazilian Drug Dealers…

November 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Most gun owners in the American market were pretty impressed with the Taurus Judge when it was first introduced. The ability to fire .410 shot shells in a handgun certainly seems to appeal to quite a few buyers in the US.

However, Taurus didn’t stop there. In Brazil, Taurus released the 28 gauge Tracker revolver (which is illegal in the US due to arbitrary regulations).

Alas, even that kind of hand cannon wasn’t enough for one Brazilian drug dealer who was reportedly caught with a homemade 12 gauge revolver back in 2011.

My wrists hurt just from thinking about the recoil that this beast must produce.

Notice the full size, semi-auto Taurus for a size comparison.


If something like this was ever deemed legal in the United States is it something you would be interested in owning?

Hat Tip: The Firearm Blog

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