Hey Mark Kelly, That .45 You Bought Is a “Weapon of War”; That AR-15 Is Not

March 14 2013
by GSL Staff
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Mark Kelly has found himself at the heart of a media firestorm after being caught buying an AR-15 rifle at the same time he bought a 1911 style .45 pistol.

Kelly and other anti gunners repeatedly say that the AR-15 is a weapon of war, designed for the battle field and has no business in civilian hands.

Why don’t we look at some history shall we?

The pistol Mark Kelly bought, and says he will keep, is a 1911 style .45ACP, magazine fed, semi automatic handgun.

The 1911 .45ACP pistol was designed by John Moses Browning for the explicit purpose of replacing revolvers for US military troops.

Firing the large .45ACP cartridge, using removable magazines, being extremely ergonomic and accurate, the firearm gave the US a decided advantage in sidearm firepower.

The 1911 is quite literally a weapon of war, designed specifically for the battle field.

The United States Marine Corps still uses the 1911 among some of their troops and just signed a contract last year to get even more of the handguns.

Mr. Kelly, that AR-15 you bought on the other hand is the water downed civilian version of the M4 rifle currently used by the military. The real M4, the real “weapon of war” has a shorter barrel (usually 14.5″) and is select fire. That is, it’s capable of firing fully automatic, three round bursts or semi automatic.

The AR-15 on the other hand must have a minimum barrel length of 16″ (without a tax stamp from the ATF anyway) and is semi automatic only. To my knowledge there is no branch using the civilian version of this weapon in service. This makes the AR-15, very literally, a civilian rifle, designed specifically for civilian hands.

In all honesty all firearms have their roots in military weapons. Almost all major firearm advancements have come from military research before being applied to the private sector. Hell, swords and combat knives are technically weapons of war.

This is a perfect example of anti gunners trying to twist facts and terminology in order to sway the debate in their favor.

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