Guns Across America – Peaceful Protest at State Capitols Saturday, January 19th at Noon

January 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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There have been several national gun support rallies talked about over the last few weeks and we have been waiting for the right one before promoting one over the other.

Guns Across America is a national event that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Jan 19th at Noon at your state Capitol building.

Please observe all Federal, State and Local laws.

There are other events planned in the coming weeks, but we wanted to try and really support one. Being on a Saturday in the middle of the day will hopefully allow more people to travel more easily.

The event is being organized by “Gun Control = More Crime” at the national level.

Here is a link to the event on Facebook:

The following is a list of state organizers.

Please contact your state organizer for further details on your state’s protest.

If your state does not have an organizer listed, and you have experience organizing a peaceful protest and acquiring the needed permits (if required) contact Note that these lists are currently being updated and may not be up the minute current. We will update them as we get more info. We are also in the process of trying to get the links to Facebook pages currently being setup for individual states as well.



Bookmark this page as well as the event page and check both often for more details.

Youtube gun personality NutnFancy has thrown his support behind this event as well.

He has some great suggestions for attendees and we suggest you watch the following video:

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