Gun Purchases in Newtown, CT Nearly Double Since Sandy Hook

August 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_berettaAccording to a Wall Street Journal report, applications for permits to purchase guns (for the record, it’s ridiculous to need a permit just to purchase a gun), have nearly doubled year over year since the Sandy Hook shootings.

Over 200 people applied for gun purchase permits so far in 2013. Compare this to the 171 new permits issued in all of 2012.

The entire country is buying guns at a record pace, and by all estimates, 2013 should easily set the record for annual gun and ammo sales (no surprise there, just look at availability of guns and ammo at retailers). However, many are surprised to learn that the community where the shooting that sparked the national debate took place are buying guns even faster than the rest of the country.

According to the WSJ,

The local surge is especially sensitive in Newtown. The town of about 28,000, approximately 75 miles northeast of New York City, has a sizable population of hunters and sportsmen as well as a base of politically active gun-control advocates that has organized since the Sandy Hook shooting.

“I think people realize that you can’t call the police all the time and expect them to save you,” said Newtown resident Bill Stevens, 48 years old, an avid hunter who owns more than a dozen firearms. “It’s sinking in to some folks that ‘I need to take responsibility for keeping my family safe.’ “

It is certainly encourage that people are realizing they must take responsibility for their own personal safety. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Connecticut also recently passed more restrictive gun laws, which could also be driving the higher number of purchases as residents stock up on firearms that will no longer be available for purchase once all of the new laws kick in.

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