White House Narrows Gun Control Push to Universal Background Checks & Why That’s a Bad Thing

February 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to Politico.com, the White House is narrowing its gun control campaign push to universal background checks.

According to the White House, a majority of Americans already support universal background checks.

What do universal background checks mean exactly? It means you can no longer give a gun as a gift. In order to properly transfer it to the recipient you’ll both have to get into a car, drive down to a gun shop, wait in line, pay $10-$35 in transfer fees, and wait while a background check is done on the recipient.

Currently many states allow private person to person transfers. It is ALREADY illegal to sell a gun to someone who you suspect is ineligible from owning one.

According to the NRA only 5% of its member strongly support universal background checks.

This is simply another infringement on the rights of law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens will go down to the gun shop, pay their transfer fee, and spend 20-40 minutes there. Criminals will not. They will continue to buy weapons illegally and steal them.

Universal background checks are also the first step to national registration. Once every transfer had to be a on a Form 4473 (which gun shops are required to keep as long as they are in business and are required to turn over to the government when they go out of business) it would be a simple mandate to demand the government be provided with copies of all of those forms. That would be that. A national, universal database of all gun transfers.

As history tells us, registration always leads to confiscation. No country has ever enacted national registration that did no enact some form of confiscation once the registry was in place.

Also, a background check bill that gets out of committee can easily be used as a vehicle to add more gun control amendments to.

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