Washington DC City Council Plans to Adopt Concealed Carry Laws Similar to New York City

July 31 2014
by GSL Staff
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According to some statements published by the Washington Post, it looks like Washington DC lawmakers will create a set of concealed carry laws on par with very strict cities/states, such as New York. From WaPo,

Meanwhile, while a variety of District officials have expressed dismay with the ruling and have made calls for an appeal, one D.C. Council candidate said that would be foolhardy.

Kris Hammond, a Republican running against Chairman Phil Mendelson (D), said Tuesday that an appeal would be a “waste of taxpayer money” and that the city would be better served by carefully rewriting its laws to comport with the ruling — perhaps, he suggested, to match over cities with strict carry policies like Chicago and New York.

“If the District wants the strictest laws that are constitutional, they should look to these other jurisdictions rather than fight this out in court,” said Hammond, a former Justice Department lawyer.

While these comments are disheartening, I don’t think anyone is really surprised. I don’t think anyone expected DC to turn into a “shall issue” district over this decision.

On Saturday a ruling was handed down in the Palmer v. DC case and the District’s complete ban on the carry of handguns was struck down as being unconstitutional. Police announced that they would immediately stop enforcing the District’s carry laws. Yesterday, a judge issued a 90 day stay in the case which reinstated those laws while DC lawmakers were given a window to rewrite those laws.

For approximately two days, constitutional carry was essentially legal in our nation’s capital. People carried and even documented their experiences for posterity. No shootouts in the street happened and no mass shootings took place. Although, I highly doubt that those facts will matter in the slightest to DC lawmakers when they write the new DC carry laws to comply with the Palmer v DC ruling.

Likely, what we’ll see is a system in which politicians, their staffers and other so called “VIP’s” will be able to get “may issue” permits, while normal citizens will continue to be left without a legal way to bear arms in our nation’s capital.

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