[Video] Oregon Supreme Court – Portland’s Ban on Loaded Guns in Public Places UPHELD

August 17 2013
by GSL Staff
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Bad news for Portland, OR residents.

The state supreme court has ruled that the city’s ban on carrying loaded weapons in public without meeting one of its exceptions is constitutional.

According to the ruling,

“In the United States, generally it has been recognized that the right to bear arms is not absolute and that the exercise of legislative authority reasonably restricting the right to bear arms to promote public safety is constitutionally permissible,” the Supreme Court opinion said.

Residents with concealed carry licenses will still be able to carry in the city, but residents will not be able to take advantage of the fact that unlicensed open carry of firearms is legal at the state level in Oregon.

Several other cities also have similar restrictions.

Many states have preemption laws that prevent local municipalities from passing firearms laws that are stricter than the state laws. In states without these laws, residents can often find themselves breaking local laws unknowingly as they travel within the state. For instance, in a single county every city could have slightly different laws and the county itself could have its own laws.

According to KATU,

The issue came before the Supreme Court relating to a Portland case, where a man was arrested for having loaded guns. While it doesn’t affect Portland’s ordinance, it could mean more cities could pass similar restrictions.

The case in question resulted when the man arrested did not have any of the more than a dozen exceptions allowed by Portland’s ordinance, including having a concealed carry permit or going hunting.

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