[Video] New Hampshire House Votes to Repeal Stand Your Ground Law

March 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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The NH State House of Representatives has passed a bill that would repeal NH’s current Stand Your Ground Law.

The bill was passed two years ago, even overcoming a governor veto.

From WMUR.com,

The bill returns the law to one based on the Castle Doctrine, which says a person does not have to retreat from intruders at home before using deadly force, but must consider it in public. The law passed in 2011 expanded that principle to public places.

The House voted 189-184 Wednesday to send the bill revising the law to the Senate.

The attorney general’s office supports the old law, which it argues balanced the rights of people to defend themselves with protections for the sanctity of life.

Personally we think people should have no duty to retreat when faced with a deadly threat. We can only hope the state senate will side with the right’s of NH’s citizens.

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