[Video] Anti-Gun California Senator Gets Ripped By His Colleagues, Lawyers Over Dumb Anti-Gun Bill

April 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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It’s like there is a line of uninformed California lawmakers just waiting their turn to introduce some unconstitutional, POS anti-gun bill. Seriously, these guys are so excited to pass gun bills that they’ve apparently resorted to proposing bills to make already illegal activities illegal. Wait, what?

Assemblyman Luis Alejo proposes a bill that would make it illegal for a California resident to purchase a firearm outside of California and then bring it into California without properly transferring it through an FFL.

Well, federal law has covered this for handguns for a long time and California already has their own laws regarding the transfer of firearms, so the Assemblyman is obviously just so anxious to get his name on anti-gun bill that he is literally introducing legislation to make an illegal activity more illegal.

His colleagues and legal advocates aren’t fooled, or amused at the waste of time introduced by this bill.

These are the people who want to ban guns! People who have no idea what the current law is, how firearms work, or how to actually prevent violent crimes, and anti-gunners wonder why WE can’t have a rational discussion about guns? It’s hard to have a rational discussion about anything when one side of the conversation is talking out their backside.

Here is the video description from Youtube,

For those who have never watched an anti-gun legislator try to defend their foolish policies, this video is a must see.

Here, Assemblyman Luis Alejo runs into a buzz saw as those armed with the truth demonstrate that his bill (AB 1609) is not only redundant, but unnecessarily places further restrictions on law abiding gun owners.

For more information on AB 1609 visit: http://www.DemandRights.org

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