Rhode Island Lawmakers Attempting to Hurt Gun Sales Through New Anti-Gun Tax

May 28 2014
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The following story comes via the NRA-ILA.

Anti-gun lawmakers in Providence appear to be saving their best for last. After months of debating gun bills that do nothing more than trample on the constitutional rights of Rhode Islanders, the Senate Finance Committee is resuming the onslaught and is preparing to debate perhaps the most egregious bill of the session.

Senate Bill 2318, sponsored by state Senators Gayle Goldin (D-3), Harold Metts (D-6), Daniel DaPonte (D-14), Juan Pichardo (D-2) and Joshua Miller (D-28), has been scheduled for a hearing in Room 211 of the Statehouse at 3:00 p.m. this Thursday, May 29. S.2318 “would levy and impose a ten percent supplemental firearms and ammunition tax on the purchase and/or sale of any firearm and/or ammunition in this state with the funds collected to be distributed to the police departments.”

This legislation even allows law enforcement to give those funds to non-profit associations committed to the “reduction of violence.” In other words, anti-gun political groups could be funded by this reprehensible Second Amendment tax.

Aside from its serious constitutional issues, ammunition and firearms are already subject to a federal excise tax (Pittman-Robertson), in addition to local sales taxes. Ammo prices have been at record levels the last several years, and adding to the tax burden of gun owners is nothing more than a backdoor attempt at curbing gun and ammo sales.

This is politics at its worst. Frustrated anti-gun legislators are now resorting to taxing a constitutional right to advance their own political agenda.

Please call AND e-mail members of the Senate Finance Committee and respectfully urge them to oppose S.2318. Their contact information is provided below:

Senate Finance Committee:

Senator Daniel Da Ponte (D-14), Chairman
(401) 222-3438

Senator Louis P. DiPalma (D-12), 1st Vice-Chairman
(401) 847-8540

Senator Walter S. Felag, Jr. (D-10), 2nd Vice-Chairman
(401) 245-7521

Senator David E. Bates (R-32)
(401) 246-1379

Senator Maryellen Goodwin (D-1)
(401) 272-3102

Senator Edward J. O’Neill (I-17)
(401) 728-3295

Senator Ryan W. Pearson (D-19)
(401) 276-5594

Senator Juan M. Pichardo (D-2)
(401) 461-2389

Senator V. Susan Sosnowski (D-37)
(401) 783-7704

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