Reid Prepares for Gun Control Fight – Blasts GOP Proposed Filibuster

April 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to be gearing up for a fight over the next couple of weeks in regards to gun control.

The Senator from Nevada said “There is simply no reason for this blatant obstruction. I get a letter from a group of Republicans saying don’t touch it, that flies in the face of what 90 percent of Americans want,” Reid said. “Republicans disagree with the measure, let them vote against it. Talk about speaking out of both sides of the mouth, this is the poster child of that. Now when they encounter an issue that they’re afraid to debate in full public view they want to thwart debate all together.”

Ninety percent of the population is probably in favor of “background checks”, but depending on how the questions of these polls are worded they probably don’t understand that a universal background check law is going to cost millions, if not billions, of taxpayer dollars. The only people it will put behind bars are otherwise law abiding citizens. Finally, universal background checks are the first step in implementing a national gun registry.

Make sure your senators know you oppose ANY new gun control legislation.

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