Ohio Schoolboard is Considering Arming Teachers

November 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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A school district in Logan County, Ohio is considering a measure which would give teachers and staffers access to firearms on school grounds to use in case of an active shooter situation.

The board is also hoping that the mere presence of the firearms would deter would-be mass murderers, who often look for the weakest and least secured targets.

According to the Dayton Daily News:

Teachers and staff members in case of an active shooter situation.

The Riverside Local School board members discussed the issue last week and plan to revisit it on Dec. 16, as well as hold public forums.

Superintendent Scott Mann said he hopes this policy could be used as a deterrent from potential threats.

“If people know you are protected and that can help us a little bit more, I’m all for it,” Mann said. “Just to reiterate — it’s going to be a community decision.”

Several states and school boards have decided to put more good guys with guns into schools in the last couple of years. That comes in the form of more resource officers and allowing teachers/staff to carry and/or have access to firearms inside of schools.

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