Ohio: Possible Votes TODAY on Two Pro-Gun Bills in Senate Committee

December 3 2014
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Today, December 3, the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee will hold additional testimony hearings on House Bill 234 and Senate Bill 338 with the possibility of a vote on them.

HB 234, sponsored by state Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-23), would revise state law to allow a person to use a firearm sound suppressor while hunting in the Buckeye State.  Currently, more than half of the states across the country permit hunters to use suppressors while hunting.  There are numerous benefits to hunting with suppressed firearms, including:

  • Elimination of noise complaints frequently used as an excuse to close hunting lands throughout the country, resulting in the protection of hunting areas well into the future.
  • Reduction of recoil and muzzle rise resulting in increased accuracy of hunters.  More accurate shooting in the field means fewer wounded and lost animals, good for both hunters and wildlife.
  • Reduction in muzzle report to hearing-safe levels, limiting the risk that the hunter or anyone with the hunter will suffer permanent hearing loss if they fail to use hearing protection.

SB 338, introduced by state Senator Joe Uecker (R-14), makes improvements to Ohio’s current concealed carry laws, including:

  • Closing a public property loophole in state law by preventing persons or entities leasing certain government property from banning concealed handguns from the premises.
  • Reducing the number of training hours required to obtain a concealed carry permit from 12 hours to 8 hours and eliminate the two-hour minimum live-fire training requirement.
  • Allowing investigators in the Attorney General’s office to carry a concealed weapon while investigating nursing homes, residential care facilities, long-term care facilities, Medicaid programs, and patient abuse or neglect violations.

The Senate Civil Justice Committee hearing on these important pro-gun bills will take place tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. in the North Hearing Room of the state Capitol.  Using the contact information provided below, please call and e-mail members of this Senate committee today and urge them to support HB 234 and SB 338.

Senate Civil Justice Committee:

Senator Bill Coley (R-4), Chairman
(614) 466-8072

Senator Larry Obhof (R-22), Vice Chairman
(614) 466-7505

Senator Kevin Bacon (R-3)
(614) 466-8064

Senator Edna Brown (D-11)
(614) 466-5204

Senator John Eklund (R-18)
(614) 644-7718

Senator Eric Kearney (D-9)
(614) 466-5980

Senator Scott Oelslager (R-29)
(614) 466-0626

Senator Bill Seitz (R-8)
(614) 466-8068

Senator Michael Skindell (D-23)
(614) 466-5123

Senator Joe Uecker (R-17)
(614) 466-8082

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