Obama Pushes For Vote on Assault Weapons Ban – Democrats Appear Divided on Guns

March 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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Last week Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that Dianne Feinstein’s sweeping assault weapons ban bill would bot be included in the comprehensive gun control bill being put together by senate Democrats.

That bill will likely center on requiring background checks for all gun purchases, including legal, private transactions between law abiding citizens.

This week, in his weekly internet address, President Obama doubled down on a push for assault weapons ban, saying it still deserved a vote.

Feinstein will likely try to add her bill to the background check bill by submitting it as an amendment.

More moderate Democrats from rural states would prefer not to have to vote on such a measure at all. If they vote in favor of a ban they risk their reelection bid and if vote against a ban they alienate themselves from their own party.

Many Democrats remember the elections after the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban which ushered in sweeping victories for Republicans for years with many voters citing gun rights as a primary reason for voting out incumbents.

This push from the president also comes on the heels of Dianne Feinstein saying she feels betrayed by Harry Reid for not incorporating her bill.

Reid himself may be one of the senators who would rather an assault weapons ban just go away before there is a vote. Reid, the senior senator from Nevada, usually tries to ride a fine line on gun rights. Nevada is generally a pro gun state and many tourists are now spending their dollars at fully automatic gun ranges in the Las Vegas area during vacations.

All in all, it seems like top Democrats are having trouble coming to any agreement on gun control, which is a good thing for gun rights.

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