NY Government Won’t Be Able to Meet Deadline for New Ammo Background Check System

October 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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Here we have another case of the government (this time the NY state government) failing to implement the technology required to enforce their own laws.

According to media reports, New York will not be technologically ready to implement their new background check system for ammunition purchases in time for the January 15th deadline.

State police will be pushing that deadline back to allow the system and database needed to be properly setup.

Ammo dealers are still required to register with the state by the Jan 15th deadline though.

According to the New York Daily News,

“The State Police is working on technology solutions to be able to carry out this section of the SAFE Act so that the public, buyers and sellers are not inconvenienced or delayed in any way when they purchase ammunition,” said agency spokeswoman Darcy Wells.

Wells said one provision that will go into affect as planned on Jan. 15 is a requirement that all ammunition dealers register with the state.

The federal NICS background check system, currently used for all gun purchases made through firearms dealers across the country, cannot support background checks for ammunition, forcing New York taxpayers to foot the bill for a brand new, custom system.

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