New Los Angeles Regulation – Colleges Not Allowed to Teach NRA Courses, Should Promote Gun Control Instead

August 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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file_24_1Common sense died a little more in California this week as the the board of trustees of the Los Angeles Community College issued new requirements banning all guns on campus, including non-operational, instructional guns (such as blue guns).

The college was previously offering a gun safety course in conjunction with the NRA that taught students the basic of gun safety. The school will now be unable to host the courses.

The regulations allow fake guns to be used in theatrical performances, but not in instructional courses.

According to Campus Reform,

Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin, author the resolution that ushered in the new rules, told Campus Reform last Monday he believes school’s have no place teaching students how to use guns —but that its educators and faculty do have a responsibility to “promote gun control.”

“We should make sure that students don’t come to campus being afraid to run into somebody with a gun,” Svonkin said.

He argued it was necessary to ban “non-operational” guns, because although they could not hurt anyone, they could scare students.

Yes, that’s the most important thing. You wouldn’t want someone to feel mildly uncomfortable while being in no real danger instead of teaching them something that could literally save their lives.

Critics of the move say it’s less about promoting safety and more about making a political statement against the NRA.

Svonkin said the following according to Campus Reform,

“I believe that the NRA’s goal is to promote gun ownership, and that guns lead to deaths,” he said. “So, not having the NRA teach classes, not having the NRA classes on our campuses, is a good thing.”

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