Missouri: Senate Passes Pro-Gun Legislation, Awaiting House Committee Assignment

April 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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Missouri CapitolThe following story comes from the NRA-ILA.

Hopefully the Missouri legislature gets their act together and hopefully Democratic Governor Jay Nixon realizes his constituent’s stance on the Second Amendment.

Late last week, the Missouri Senate passed Senate Bill 745 by a 32 to 1 vote. Sponsored by state Senator Brian Munzlinger (R-18), SB 745 has been transmitted to the Missouri House of Representatives where it now awaits assignment to a House committee.

SB 745 includes improved right-to-carry language and technical corrections related to transitioning the concealed carry permit process to the sheriffs in 2013. Multiple pro-gun amendments were added to SB 745.

Amendments include language that would modify the current concealed carry training requirement, which requires an individual to shoot both a revolver and semi-automatic pistol, and would allow someone to shoot only one firearm rather than both firearms.

Other language states that there shall be no more than 40 students per qualified firearms safety instructor during the classroom portion of a firearms safety training course. Current Missouri law only allows 40 students per classroom, regardless of whether or not there is more than one instructor present.

Your NRA-ILA will keep you updated when more information becomes available on SB 745.

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