Mayor of Atlanta Attempts to Sidestep New Carry Laws, Declares All City Buildings “Gun Free”

July 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here is a statement release by Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed (D),

As Mayor, I have made public safety the top priority of my administration. Accordingly, in response to a new statewide gun law that took effect today, the City has taken extra security measures to keep employees and citizens safe at our facilities.

Effective today, City recreation centers with extensive summer programming will be staffed with security officers to screen entrants and prevent firearms from entering the buildings.

With the exception of certain public safety officials and employees, there is no place for firearms in a city facility. Every City of Atlanta government facility that screens the entrance into the facility with security personnel will continue to prohibit firearms. Furthermore, City of Atlanta employees have all been notified that the new state law does not authorize them to carry firearms while on duty or store weapons in personal vehicles that are parked in secured employee parking lots.

The proliferation of guns in this country poses a serious threat to public safety. The city is taking common-sense measures to secure our buildings and keep our citizens safe.

A couple of things should be pointed out here. Prior to HB60 (Georgia’s so called “Guns Everywhere Bill”) becoming law yesterday, there was nothing stopping criminals from carrying firearms into these places. Reed felt no reason to attempt to protect people with armed security then, but now that licensed gun carriers are allowed to carry there, Reed thinks these places need armed security. Why does Reed trust armed criminals more than armed carry permit holders?

Second, this move is likely illegal and will likely be challenged in court. The new law states that carriers can carry into city/country government buildings that do not have security checkpoints (you know metal detectors, law enforcement, the whole deal). Simply placing security officers placed at these locations will likely not meet the requirements set forth by the new laws.

Just more anti-gun nonsense from Georgia’s most anti-gun city.

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