Massachusetts – Radical Anti-Gun Bill May Receive Vote Any Day Now

July 8 2014
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The following story is via the NRA-ILA.

The NRA has learned that the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee may be considering and voting today on a scaled-back version of a radical anti-gun bill, House Bill 4121, and that it could be voted in the full state House of Representatives as early as tomorrow. This is bad governance, as this bill has been redrafted multiple times and each draft has been given very little time for review from stakeholders and policy makers. Your immediate action is needed to slow the progress of this misguided legislation and give state legislators time to review the bill, and also receive and provide input.

While some concessions have been made, HB 4121 still contains many deeply flawed provisions that penalize responsible gun owners and sportsmen in Massachusetts, and could turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. Even in its new form, this bill still maintains provisions that empower police chiefs with discretion to refuse licensing for FID cards and that strip law-abiding citizens of their right to keep and bear arms.

HB 4121 is dangerous legislation that seeks to further chip away at your Second Amendment rights in Massachusetts. As anyone who has gone through the process to legally obtain a firearm in Massachusetts knows, there is no dearth of existing state laws that regulate the sale, purchase and transfer of firearms. State legislators on Beacon Hill should be repealing gun control laws, NOT enacting more to further restrict your Second Amendment rights.

State legislators need to understand the negative effects of this bill before they blindly pass it or confusion will reign, as we have seen in many states which have hastily enacted anti-gun provisions without allowing time for adequate review and comment. Using the contact information provided below, please call AND e-mail members of the House Ways and Means Committee and URGE them to vote NO on House Bill 4121 when it comes before them today. Please also call the committee switchboard at (617) 722-2990 to register your opposition to HB 4121.

Also, please immediately contact your state legislators, both your state Representative and Senator, and urge them to oppose this misguided legislation, pending further review by all interested parties.

House Ways and Means Committee

Representative Brian S. Dempsey (D), Chairman – Haverhill

Representative Stephen Kulik (D), Vice Chairman – Worthington

Representative Angelo M. Scaccia (D) – Readville

Representative Thomas M. Petrolati (D) – Ludlow

Representative Christine E. Canavan (D) – Brockton

Representative Thomas M. Stanley (D) – Waltham

Representative Cleon H. Turner (D) – Dennis

Representative Paul McMurtry (D) – Dedham

Representative Sean Garballey (D) – Arlington

Representative Carolyn C. Dykema (D) – Hollison

Representative Nick Collins (D) – Boston

Representative Viriato Manuel deMacedo (R) – Plymouth

Representative Matthew A. Beaton (R) – Shrewsbury

Representative David T. Vieira (R) – East Falmouth

Representative Gloria L. Fox (D) – Roxbury

Representative Robert M. Koczera (D) – New Bedford

Representative Robert F. Fennell (D) – Lynn

Representative Walter F. Timilty (D) – Milton

Representative William Smitty Pignatelli (D) – Lenox

Representative Linda Campbell (D) – Methuen

Representative Lori A. Ehrlich (D) – Marblehead

Representative Michael D. Brady (D) – Brockton

Representative Timothy R. Madden (D) – Nantucket

Representative Rhonda Nyman (D) – Hanover

Representative Angelo L. D’Emilia (R) – Bridgewater

Representative Geoff Diehl (R) – Whitman

Representative Donald H. Wong (R) – Saugus

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