Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Signs Gun Control Bill Into Law

August 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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Massachusetts’ gun laws are now stricter thanks to the efforts by the state legislature and the governor.

According to the Boston Globe,

Governor Deval Patrick on Wednesday signed into law an overhaul of Massachusetts state gun laws, adding the state to a national database for background checks and allowing police chiefs to go to court to keep rifles and shotguns out of the hands of people they deem dangerous.

The measure was one of the most hotly debated of the recently concluded state legislative session, as lawmakers went back and forth over how much power to give law enforcement officials in denying access to such weapons.

In exchange for local police chiefs being able to further control who can own firearms in their jurisdictions, the law abiding citizens of Massachusetts gain the ability to carry pepper spray. Wait…what?!

That’s right, the new laws no longer classify pepper spray as ammunition (why was it ever classified as ammunition?!).

Massachusetts already had some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and this most recent bill only serves to make those laws even stricter.

Governor Patrick has proven to be a strong supporter of gun control during his term.

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