It Has Begun – Legal Concealed Carrier in Connecticut Charged For Having “Unregistered Magazine”

January 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_DSC_0535Here we go, it’s already getting started in Connecticut. We now have our first report of an arrest under Connecticut’s sweeping new registration system.

CT’s system is so strict that it even requires grandfathered standard capacity magazines to be registered with the state, similar to how CT’s gun registry works.

According to The Hour, Tyrone Watson, age 30, of Bridgeport, CT was pulled over by an officer who suspected him of tailgating.

After seeing Watson’s carry permit, the officer asked about weapons in the car. When Watson said he was carrying a gun, the officer confiscated the weapon and unloaded it (even this is not common practice in many states).

During the seizure of the weapon, the officer noticed the magazine had a capacity of 15 rounds, even though it wasn’t fully loaded, Watson was still in possession of an unregistered “high capacity” (aka standard capacity) magazine.

According to The Hour,

A portion of Connecticut’s new gun laws, which went into effect Jan. 1, make it illegal to have a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets. Large capacity magazines purchased prior to the passage of the new law had to be registered by Dec. 31.

Watson was advised of the new law, and he said he had no idea that the law went into effect, police said.

The officer wrote Watson a summons and gave him back his gun and the magazine, telling him to store the items in his trunk until he arrived at his home, according to police.

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