Indiana Bill Would Permit Licensed Gun Owners to Leave Guns in Cars on Campuses

January 22 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_holsterPersonally, I’m not a big fan of bills that require legal carriers to leave their guns in their cars. It’s my opinion that a gun is much safer on a belt, in a holster than it is sitting in a easily burglarized car. I think it creates a situation where gun thieves know where to look to find easily stolen firearms. However, I am also a fan of legislation that moves gun rights back in the right direction.

A proposed bill in Indiana would allow legal gun carriers to leave firearms in their cars on school campuses.

According to USA Today,

A bill by Republican state Rep. Jim Lucas would let licensed gun owners have firearms on school property if they leave them locked and out of sight in their vehicles.

“I want to decriminalize self-defense,” said Lucas, who also is sponsoring legislation this year to stop state universities from banning guns on campuses — a perennial but so-far unsuccessful effort in the Indiana General Assembly.

Of course, Democratic lawmakers in Indiana are throwing the “blood in the streets” argument around. They feel that if guns are even remotely anywhere near a school it will turn everyone into a homicidal maniac who will surely fetch a firearm to settle even the slightest disagreement.

As previously mentioned, I’d rather see a campus carry bill that allows legal carriers to carry on campus, but I guess we’ll have to settle for a step in the right direction in Indiana this year.

According to the USA Today piece, the bill does have the support of The Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents which could help push support in favor of the bill.

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