Illinois Governor Calls For Sweeping “Assault Weapons” Ban and Magazine Capacity Limits

July 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is seeking to expand Chicago’s stance on firearms across the state of Illinois.

During a press conference following a bloody July 4th weekend in Chicago in which over 80 people were shot, Quinn called for a new “assault weapons” ban as well as a ban on standard capacity magazines.

Here are some of Quinn’s comments,

“The recent epidemic of violence in Chicago is unacceptable and we must join together to fight back,” Quinn said. “Public safety is government’s foremost mission and Illinois should not wait any longer to act. There are too many victims of a war being waged on our streets, a war fueled in part by the availability of deadly, military-style assault weapons that have no purpose other than killing.”

“Part of fighting against the violence is to put a ban on assault weapons. Assault weapons have been used over and over again to kill people. We’ve gotta put an end to that,” Quinn said.

It seems that residents who already own these so called “assault weapons” as well as standard capacity magazines would be grandfathered in.

Quinn’s comments are odd given that nearly all of the shootings over the July 4th weekend were carried out with handguns. This legislation would also do little to stem the real cause of Chicago’s violent crime – gangs and drug sales.

These new laws will only target law abiding gun owners – just like every other gun control law before.

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