Harry Reid To Introduce “Universal Background Check” (aka De Facto Registration) In Senate Bill

March 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to TheBlaze.com, Harry Reid will introduce a bill including “universal background checks” (aka de facto registration) in a bill that will be debuted in the Senate next month.

Reid will try to stir up bipartisan support for the measure during the Senate’s upcoming two week break.

The bill would require background checks on all transactions, including private sales between legal buyers. The paper trail created by these checks can ultimately be used as a national registry of guns and gun owners.

In the future the government could create a centralized gun registry by simply calling in all of the background check forms from gun dealers. Dealers are already required to keep these forms almost indefinitely, they can be inspected by the ATF at any time, and dealers already have to turn them in to the ATF when their business closes or changes owners.

Don’t be fooled, “universal background checks” are every bit as dangerous as an “assault weapons ban”.

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