GOP Sen Tom Coburn Supports Universal Background Checks & TRACKING Those Checks

February 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Washington Post is reporting that GOP Senator Tom Coburn, who is part of a bipartisan team of Senators looking to draft universal background check legislation, has no problem with requiring background checks on private transactions and more disturbingly has no problem with the federal firearms license holder keeping a record of that sale.

Strangely, according the Washington Post, Coburn also wants a clause in the law that would allow ‘rural’ buyers/sellers (no definition of rural is given) to be able to use an internet portal to conduct background checks and NOT keep a record.

We’re not sure why the double standard, but it’s obvious that Coburn supports tracking almost all gun sales.

Federal firearms licensees are required to follow federal regulations or risk losing their license (aka their livelihood). This means all it would take would be one law from a future anti gun Congress to say, hand over all of your background check data and boom now we have a national gun registry.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, universal background checks on private sales ARE the first step to a national registry. In every country that has instituted gun registration that has either led to one of two outcomes – 1) confiscation of some types of weapons or 2) abandonment of the registry due to ineffectiveness (as with Canada).

Senator Coburn is the Senator for Oklahoma. If you live there, or even if you don’t, you can use this form to contact him and let him know you do not support ANY measure which would create ANY further record of gun owners’ purchases.

Want to learn more on the impact of universal background checks? Check out this post we previously wrote or the video below.

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