GOP Controlled Tennessee House Overwhelmingly Votes AGAINST Open Carry Bill

April 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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The GOP keeps wondering why conservative voters are increasingly questioning the party. Votes like this are the exact reason why.

Currently, Republicans hold a nearly 2-1 advantage in the Tennessee General Assembly and yet the The House Finance Subcommittee voted 10-1 against a bill that would make open carry without a license legal in the Volunteer State.

The State Senate voted to overwhelmingly pass the bill by a vote of 25-2 last week, which made it seem like the bill had a real chance of passage.

According to local media reports, House members came up with a variety of excuses for killing the bill,

The House panel voted down the bill after first adopting an amendment that stripped out projected $100,000 cost estimate for changing the wording on carry permits that Van Huss and other supporters had labeled “bogus.”

Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons defended the need for re-writing the permits if the legislation became law.

“We think it is very important for the permit carrier, for the public and for law enforcement to clearly understand the limitations of the handgun carry permit,” Gibbons told the panel.

Gibbons also warned that reciprocity agreements with other states could be harmed if Tennessee changes its handgun carry permit rules.

Rep. David Alexander, who voted against the bill, said he saw “no compelling reason” to pass the open carry bill.

“I believe Tennessee’s gun laws are common-sense gun laws, and I think they strike that balance that we strive to in maintaining the individual rights and the safety of the citizens,” he said.

So the other 18 other states that allow open carry without a license are putting its citizens in danger according to your though process Rep. Alexander? Ridiculous.

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