Garden State Problems: New Jersey Senate Passes Two New Gun Control Bills

May 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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new jerseyThe New Jersey Senate today passed two bills that have to do with gun control. As we previously reported, the backroom fix in Jersey is in. The deal was made that if a magazine capacity bill, which would lower legal magazine capacity to 10 in NJ passed, then a bill to “protect” gun owners while transporting weapons in their car would also be passed.

However, this is a poor tradeoff even if it was a legit deal. The bill does virtually nothing to fix NJ’s poor, anti-gun transport laws.

The NRA-ILA released the following information on the situation:

Today, the New Jersey Senate approved a pair of damaging gun control bills. Senate Bill 993, sponsored by state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) would further restrict New Jersey’s magazine capacity restriction from 15 to 10 rounds, passed on a party line 21 to 17 vote.

Also today, the state Senate passed Assembly Bill 2777 on a party line 21 to 17 vote. The bill sponsor, Assemblyman Joseph Lagana (D-38), purported to introduce A.2777 as a fix to the state’s longstanding transportation law which has ensnared honest, law-abiding gun owners. However, Second Amendment supporters were never consulted on its language and were ignored when they proposed a one-word amendment to fix the bill. It’s clear that anti-gun state legislators have no intention of offering a genuine solution and are simply playing political games in Trenton.

During the legislative process, both bills were amended by the state Senate, and must therefore be returned to the House for its concurrence. Due to the fact that the Assembly has already adopted early versions of these bills, the outcome is likely a foregone conclusion and the legislation’s next stop will be Governor Chris Christie (R).

Using the contact information provided below, please call Governor Christie and ask him to oppose and veto these dangerous bills, S.993 and A.2777, which do nothing except punish law-abiding gun owners.

Governor Chris Christie:
(609) 292-6000

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