Federal Judge Refuses to Stop Maryland’s New, Strict Gun Control Laws

October 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Blake refused to issue an order which would have put a hold on Maryland’s strict new gun control laws which were set to take effect Oct 1.

The judge said the request, made by gun rights groups, gun retailers and gun owners, did not the “exceptional relief” required to issue a restraining order.

The NRA, who is acting in an advisory role for the case, but is not actually part of it, said the case to actually block the law in federal court will continue.

According to WBAL,

“This is not a ruling on the merits of the arguments. The fat lady hasn’t sung. She hasn’t taken the stage yet,” said Shannon Alford, Maryland liaison for the NRA.

The new laws in Maryland are some of the strictest in the nation. The laws outright ban 45 types of weapons that the state has classified as “assault weapons,” limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds and also puts in place the strictest process in the nation for owning a gun.

Residents wanting to purchase a handgun must undergo licensing and fingerprinting. Some states don’t even have laws that strict for concealed carry.

Earlier this week Maryland State Police announced they would not be able to enforce the new licensing requirements due to the system not being ready and still needing to process a backlog of applications submitted prior to the Oct 1 date.

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