Delaware State Senate Will Hear Two Anti-Gun Bills

May 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Delaware flagThe following story is via NRA-ILA.

Last week, the Delaware House of Representatives passed House Bill 72 by a 22 to 17 vote. Sponsored by state Representative John L. Mitchell, Jr. (D-13), HB 72 would impose a one-year mandatory prison sentence for anyone convicted of carrying a firearm without a permit. While this legislation contains exceptions for persons with permits to carry concealed firearms, and for those persons whose permits are being renewed, it does not cover those individuals who are initially applying for a carry permit. Delaware is not a “shall issue” state, so many people who need and would like concealed carry permits to comply with the law are unable to obtain them. Current Delaware law provides that the carrying of a firearm without a permit is a felony, however, the courts are now able to exercise discretion in sentencing for such a victimless “crime,” allowing for circumstance – but this bill would prohibit that discretion. HB 72 could be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee as early as this Wednesday.

As reported last week, Senate Bill 137 sponsored by anti-gun state Senator Harris McDowell (D-1) has been officially filed. SB 137 would prohibit the manufacture, sale, transfer or possession of a firearm, firearm component or accessory, including ammunition, which is “undetectable” by standard metal detectors. SB 137 would go far beyond existing federal law banning undetectable firearms, and because of flaws in the definitions used in this bill, has the potential to ban possession of virtually ALL magazines and ALL modern cartridge ammunition. SB 137 could be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee as early as this Wednesday.

It is critical that you contact your state Senator TODAY and respectfully urge him or her to OPPOSE HB 72 and SB 137 when they come up for a vote. Contact information for your state Senator can be found here. Also, please contact members of the following Senate committees to express your opposition to these anti-gun bills.

Senate Judiciary Committee (OPPOSE House Bill 72):

Senator Margaret Rose Henry (D-2), Chairman
(302) 744-4191

Senator Patricia M. Blevins (D-7)
(302) 744-4133

Senator Gregory F. Lavelle (R-4)
(302) 744-4048

Senator Harris B. McDowell III (D-1)
(302) 744-4147

Senator F. Gary Simpson (R-18)
(302) 744-4134

Senator Bryan Townsend (D-11)
(302) 744-4165

Senate Public Safety Committee (OPPOSE Senate Bill 137):

Senator Robert I. Marshall (D-3), Chairman
(302) 744-4168

Senator Brian J. Bushweller (D-17)
(302) 744-4162

Senator David G. Lawson (R-15)
(302) 744-4237

Senator David B. McBride (D-13)
(302) 744-4167

Senator Brian Pettyjohn (R-19)
(302) 744-4048

Senator Bryan Townsend (D-11)
(302) 744-4165

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