Congressman Introduces Bill to Deny Federal Funding to States That Require Gun Registration

April 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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stockmanTexas Congressman Steve Stockman is known for his strong stance on the Second Amendment and his critique of the Obama administration.

With a recent bill introduced by Stockman, he would deny states that require gun owners to register their guns federal funding. This has proven to be an effective tactic the federal government has used in the past to force states to adopt certain regulations. In this case, Stockman is going to attempt to use the strategy to protect American’s Second Amendment rights.

The bill (HR 4380) is titled the “Gun Confiscation and Registration Prevention Act.” The bill currently has no co-sponsors and is in the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Even if the bill does make it out of the House, it would likely face stiff opposition in the Senate.

Here is an excerpt from a statement released by Stockman on his website this week,

“In states like New York, gun grabbing politicians are using gun owner registries to hunt down law-abiding gun owners and demand they surrender their personal firearms,” said Stockman. “My bill ends anti-gun tyranny by cutting off the funds gun grabbers use to implement their tracking and confiscation schemes.”

Stockman’s “Gun Confiscation and Registration Prevention Act” (H.R. 4380) cuts off NICS Improvement Amendments Act and Community Oriented Policing Services [COPS] Program funding to any state that “maintains a registry of gun ownership” or “conducts a program of gun confiscation directed at any firearm which is not prohibited by Federal law or any group of persons who are not prohibited from possessing a firearm under Federal law.”

“The New York City Police Department is taking aim at owners of shotguns and rifles capable of holding more than five rounds, demanding such guns be surrendered, altered or taken out of the city,” Fox News reported Dec. 5, 2013.

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