Colorado Anti Gun Bills Continue to Move Forward, Could Put CO on Par With CA, NY

March 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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Colorado contines to allow multiple anti gun bills to move through its legislative process.

Several bills are on the verge of being signed into law and at least a couple were killed.

Here is the quick status of several of the bills (via
• ​Online gun certification: ​Senate Bill 195, banning online certification for concealed carry permits and requiring people to attend classes in person — advances in Senate
• ​Liability for “assault”-style weapons: Senate Bill 196, holding manufacturers and sellers of semiautomatic weapons liable for violence committed with them — ​killed by sponsor
• ​Gun ban for domestic abusers: Senate Bill 197, banning certain domestic violence abusers from owning guns — advances in Senate
​• Limits on high-capacity ammunition:​ House Bill 1224, limiting gun ammunition magazines to 15 rounds but amended to not outlaw the “standard shotgun” — ​advances in Senate
​• Gun ban on college campuses: ​House Bill 1226, banning concealed weapons on college campuses — ​killed by sponsor
​• Background check fee:​ House Bill 1228, requiring gun buyers to pay for their own background checks — ​advances in Senate
​• Universal background checks:​ House Bill 1229, requiring background checks for all gun transfers, including private sales — ​advances in Senate

Colorado is poised to pass some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, which could put the states gun rights on par with anti gun states like CA and NY.

Joe Biden allegedly used his personal influence to get more Colorado state Democrats to support the bills.

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