Cherokee County, NC Votes to Allow Guns in County Offices and Allow County Employees to Carry

January 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo - s&w_mod500-4Cherokee County, NC is taking a big step towards greatly expanding carry rights for both its citizens and employees.

The county board voted to allow carry in all county offices (except the court house and jail) for both citizens and employees who possess a carry permit.

According to,

Wood said the five-member board decided in December to repeal the county’s 1995 ban on carrying a gun inside government buildings after the state expanded the right to carry in places such as bars and at parks.

“It’s a big deal when it comes to Second Amendment rights and county commissioners don’t have any business doing legislation at a local level with such important issues,” he said…

…The move by Cherokee County is a good decision, said Paul Valone, president of the gun rights group Grass Roots North Carolina.

“I think it is a great step forward and something that many of our people, who are county employees, have been asking for for quite some time,” he said. “They are no less subject to criminal predation than anyone else.”

I would really like to see some better state preemption laws in North Carolina to prevent counties from enacting their own, stricter gun laws as well as a repeal of NC’s well known “Going Armed to the Terror of the People” statute.

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