Campus Carry Bill Passes Senate Committee in Florida

February 19 2015
by GSL Staff
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A campus carry bill in Florida has cleared its first hurdle and made it out of committee in the state senate. The bill would allow permit holders to carry firearms at any of the state’s universities (private schools could still ban the practice).

According to local media reports:

The guns-on-campus bill (SB 176) was approved in a 3-2 party line vote by the Republican-controlled Senate Criminal Justice Committee. It would lift a longstanding ban on carrying concealed weapons on campuses.

Committee Chairman Greg Evers, R-Baker, the sponsor of the proposal, displayed a map of sexual offenders living near the Florida State University campus as he called the bill a safety issue.

“The problem is that in gun-free zones, that we have on college campuses right now, those gun-free zones are just an incubator for folks that won’t follow the law,” Evers said.

But Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, argued that the proposal would allow “mini-militias” to form on the state’s campuses.

“I believe it sends the wrong message to not only our students within the state of Florida, but people who may intend to come to Florida for college,” Gibson said. “It certainly sends the wrong message to their parents.”

What wrong message would that be Senator Gibson? That Florida cares about your child’s ability to defend themselves?

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